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by Paul Hawkins:

Claremont Road (erbacce press 2013) £5.95

Contumacy (erbacce press 2014) £8.99

Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press 2015) £9.99

Servant Drone (KF&S Press 2015) £8.00

by Haul Pawkins:

murder your darling erasure series

file under: Hesterglock //  murder your darlings // uncreative text activity 2016

#1 GO WOMEN (2016) free pdf
an erasure of Do_ Pater_on’s God’s Gift To Women

#2 DS (2016) free pdf
an erasure of The Dead Sea Poems by S. Armitage

#3 BC (2016) free pdf
an erasure of The Blood Choir by T. Lia_det