I love reading, performing, gigging, whatever . . . it’s integral to how I make a living. Paul is currently wrestling a book of avant-guard poetry/collage to the floor for Influx Press; Place Waste Dissent will be published late 2015. Paul studied the art of sleeping standing up & drinking lying down with nearly disastarous consequences, had two books published, Claremont Road & Contumacy and co-runs Hesterglock Press with poet Sarer Scotthorne. He collaborates with Portugese text artist/poet Bruno Neiva as Servant Drone. Their collection of exploratory text experimentation will be published by Knives Forks & Spoons Press in 2015.I’m also happy to talk about what I do, how and why, like a Q&A session after a reading, a panel discussion or whatever you might have in mind. I like experimenting. If you want to book me, let me know as much in advance as is possible the venue, date, time, duration, and details about the event. I use social media and will plug the event as well. Also let me know whether you need a bio and any other information (such as a photo). Please let me know about the fee. IMG_0482
I bring up the issue of money because this is what I do for a living. I think poets/writers should be paid, expenses should be covered. Too often I’ve found that everyone but the poet/writer is being paid. FYI, the Society of Authors suggest a basic author appearance fee of £150 plus expenses. (I took inspiration for this page from author /publisher Tony White, thanks Tony).
I know that some events, and other arts projects etc are often run on fresh-air and payments just aren’t always possible, especially if you’re trying to start something up, which I’ve done myself. I know that sometimes it can be miraculous if things come together at all. I also know that there are other kinds of value, not just financial.

So, bottom-line, poets, artists and writers should be paid. But it’s also true that if I need the warm-up or, I’m in the area, or if I’m simply into what you’re doing, let’s see what we can do. Please ask. Like a lot of us, I started from nothing, so I’m always open to talking about ways to make things happen.