Influx Press, publishers of my recent book Place Waste Dissent, have issued a statement: thoughts on independent publishing in the Brexit era that I fully support and invite you to read in full. Influx Press is an independent publisher founded by Gary Budden and Kit Caless. They publish stories from the margins of culture, specific geographical spaces and sites of resistance that remain under explored in mainstream literature.  There’s an excerpt here;

Regardless of how you think our political parties should progress, we are sure we can all agree that the most pressing issue we face as writers, publishers and cultural producers is protecting and fighting for the cosmopolitan, heterogeneous and inclusive future of the UK. We must fight for the margins, with the unheard, and alongside those who want the same fundamentally plural society we have managed to create in large parts of this country. We must continue to forge cultural relationships with Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia. We must challenge cultural fascism at every turn.

Influx Press promises to do this not only by publishing the voices of those who are under threat from racist violence and xenophobia, but by amplifying others who publish these voices too. This is not the time for competition, but for solidarity.

Read it in full here