Last Wednesday night fellow Influx Press author & poet Angry Sam Berkson and I put together a night of spoken word, film and discussion in Tottenham, as a response to Jimmy Cauty’s #ADPRiotTour art installation, which is on tour this year to sites of UK riot and resistance. The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (ADP) is a trilogy of artworks by Jimmy Cauty on a nationwide tour across the UK. Each artwork is a 1:87 scale model housed in a shipping container. The models are viewed through observation ports in the sides of the containers. ADP 1 is a 40ft container that houses a vast post-apocalyptic landscape populated only by the police and media crews. The landscape is set somewhere in Bedfordshire and is known as ‘Old Bedford’. ADP 2 is a 10ft container that houses the building site of a towering monolithic construction known as ‘New Bedford Rising’. ADP 3 is a 6ft container that houses ‘The Bridge’ that links ADP 1 to ADP 2.
So around 7.30 in Tottenham, at Unit 6 Imperial Works (big thanks to Antonella), close to the scene of the murder of Mark Duggan and the police response (or lack of, apart from assaulting a peaceful female protestor) started the 2011 riots in the UK, Jimmy Cauty introduced the #ADPRiotTour. Sam and I read, and after a short break we screened a 15 minute intro to Riots Reframed (a feature-length documentary which reframes England’s 2011 riots through voices of resistance – threading these perspectives together using moody instrumentals, dramatic monologue and raw spoken word. This hard-hitting film is unique both in its scope and the journey that produced it.) and then Sheila Menon, political activist, one of the #Heathrow13 and closely associated with activists Plane Stupid spoke about the recent action and subsequent trial. We closed with a discussion open to all. We had a great night, some stunning talks, discussions and performances. Jimmy Cauty came down with members of L-13 Light Industries for the whole of the event. Sophie from L-13 took these images;


Jimmy Cauty

Sam Berkson

Sheila Menon


It was a energising and thought-provoking evening. Big thanks to Sam for hosting and helping to make it all happen, and to Jimmy and L-13 for their support. I have to admit to being a little starstruck when I met Jimmy, realising that the unassuming, friendly man was a artist/activist/musician whose hand I was shaking had burned £1 million pounds of profit made as a member of The Klf, along with Bill Drummond. All in the name of art. A nice moment for me. I hope it was mutual. Well, he did buy a copy of Place Waste Dissent and was very interested and knowledgeable of that era. He told me he even offered (along with Bill Drummond) to buy Claremont Road a Chieftan Tank (filled with concrete) to be parked at one end of the street. As a roadblock. That’s one story I hadn’t heard. I believed him.


l-r – Sam, Steven Lowe (L-13 Light Industries), me & Sheila

The evening was filmed and that may make the light of day sometime soon.

June 24th

this event too place on Wednesday June 22nd and the next day the UK voted to leave the EU.

This sums things up for me right now . . .



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