I’m a Bristol based poet with (some have said) a chameleon-like past . . . musician, squatter, tour manager, freelance journalist, gardener, publisher, improvisor, collaborator and a manager of an Elvis Presley impersonator. I studied the art of sleeping standing up & drinking lying down with nearly disastarous consequences. I read wherever/whenever I can. If you’re that way inclined, there is plenty of old and new news in the archive on the left hand side. Fotor_146040374721171

“Fire sermons and authentic retrievals for a battleground on the edge of the liminal, delivered with spirit and spite and sting. True witness.”
Iain Sinclair on Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press)

“Brilliant collaborative poetry collection (of which there are far too few) taking on a necessary issue in necessarily disjunctive ways.” SJ Fowler on Servant Drone

Books: Claremont Road (erbacce press 2013) £5.95 // Contumacy (erbacce press 2014) £8.99 // Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press 2015) £9.99 // Servant Drone w/bruno neiva (Knives Forks and Spoons Press 2015) £8.00. chef_5You can buy a copies from me or the publisher. BTW I get a bit more cash if you buy books from me at readings or by contacting me at the email address below. I currently collaborate/experiment with Portugese text artist/poet bruno neiva under the guise of Servant Drone.

Other things to read . . . Pretty Messy, Fairly Trashed writer Tony White interviewed me for The Quietus. Some book reviews; Thivija Sabanathan at Book Smoke. George Jackson in Ambit Magazine. Peter Boughton at Minor Literatures. Stephen E. Hunt for International Times. Mike James for The Contemporary Small Press, Billy Mills for Sabotage Reviews. Steve Willey at Transmissions. Huck Magazine : Josh Gabert-Doyon interviewed me. bruno and I were interviewed by Chris Turnbull at Ottawa Poetry. There are some films of me reading if you’re into that sort of thing.

Contact me if you’d like me to run a poetry workshop, read poetry at your launch/gig/festival/party/experimental car-park opening etc, write you a poem, be your poet-in-residence, give me money or if you’ve got any questions . . .

email: hesterglock at gmail dot com
twitter: @Hesterglockmktg – – – where you’ll find any news, info on readings etc