1900396_10153422054263609_1330013726325074998_oSJ Fowler & Sarer Scotthorne @ Mahu – Influx

10995664_10153423383088609_1763476780863145426_n 11228049_10153423369643609_7915698986877233009_nl – r Kit Caless, Linda Mannheim & Gary Budden


sjfmahuGood to be reading in such company – Claire Fisher, Linda Mannheim, Kit Caless and Gary Budden of Influx Press at London’s Hardy Tree Gallery, generously invited by SJ Fowler as part of his Mahu exhibition; a novel onto gallery walls.  A novel written without prelude or revision. A novel written in black ink on white walls. A novel in words that veers into neologisms. A novel in language that veers into abstract symbols. An asemic novel. A novel of twenty-one days, before it is stripped, chopped, framed, never to be reunited again.

Photos by Sarer Scotthorne/SJ Fowler.


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