Servant Drone interview

Servant Drone collaborator Bruno Neiva has an in-depth profile and interview with Chris Turnbull online at Ottawa Poetry here . I’m climbing aboard the interview over the coming week, talking about Servant Drone (due to be published by the end of the year by Knives, Forks & Spoons Press), collaboration, politics, place, contradiction, social commentary, my new Influx Press book, Place Waste Dissent and more…

here’s a poem from the Servant Drone book…

#24 (neiva)

channel four
channel five
neutrogena fingers

televised animal
you for your support

you high-heeled octopus eaters
for those late night clunks along greasy

you mid-price terraced life
you navy blue anorak

now sport

#24 (hawkins)

Shooting Location: Airport Lounge (or privately-funded hospital foyer)
Director(s): Donna Bale
Actor(s); Charlie Uncle, Kid Tango, Dog
Editor(s): Sal Barchmann, Roger Lazerbee
Login: TTYI4545@nasr ____

Dog’s gotta booklet. Scoop salmon from the tin onto sideplated white bread. Masticate. Gums, roof of mouth, teeth popping fish spine beads. Clench-ripple throat muscles, squeeze the paste past turnstile of tonsils. Dog’s gotta bowl. Passively smoke: the sun shines tuneless blue air. I stopped, listened, repaired the cistern. Dog’s gotta boss. The washing machine? It’s full of rust. Dog’s gotta boundary.

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