I’ll be one of those reading at the London launch of Cut Up! (Oneiros Books) at The Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury 6pm – 9pm. The event will be compered by Anne Pigalle, & also reading will be Nina Antonia, Billy (Chainsaw) Houlston & Matthew Levi Stevens. Cut Up! is an anthology inspired by the Cut-Up method of William S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin. To buy a copy click here

In addition to bringing together new work by new people, CUT UP! also salutes some better known 20th Century voices who kept the spirit of Burroughs alive. Contributors include Kenji Siratori, Claude Pelieu, Nina Antonia (New York Dolls and Johnny Thunders biographer), Claude Pelieu, Mary Beach, Billy Chainsaw, Marc Olmstead, Allen Ginsberg, and D.M. Mitchell.


“Burroughs used the cut-ups to write beautiful poetry, or he would cut up his friends’ personalities and see what emerged. The cut-ups are the runway to the magic universe. Everybody should cut their lovers up for better sex. Everyone should get themselves CUT UP!”
Victor Bockris, author of Transformer – The Lou Reed Story; Andy Warhol – The Biography


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