The Untold Boscombe community storytelling project is proud to have played a part by comissioning artist/poet Sarer Scotthorne to make the film from which Boscombe Suite Boscombe was composed; this soundscape-fiction was premiered live on the night of Friday 13th december at the Vita Nova Scratch Night – many thanks to Sarer Scotthorne, Musical Director Andrew McCutchion, to the Co-op, co-composers The Music Room Band (Roy Humby, Paul Fee, Scott Lavene, Libby Bellhouse, Sharon Fee, Stephen Pearson, Andrew McCutchion (Sideman productions), John Lee, Paul Hawkins (Sidemen Productions) & Gemma VitaNova) and to David Nock, who is making a documentary of Boscombe Suite Boscombe, including the performance, the Boscombe film, Music Room Band rehersals and interviews with those involved. Untold Boscombe will post Sarer’s film with the soundtrack as soon as it is ready … here are some stills from the film and images from the gig by photographer Paulo Kosinski.
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