Jenna Clake reviewed Issue 1 of Boscombe Revolution for Sabotage Reviews…

Boscombe Revolution is an anthology of twenty-one poems responding to ideas of ‘place’ and ‘revolution’. What this results in is an interesting array of poetry from writers across the globe – the poets hail from Athens, Milwaukee, San Francisco and Boscombe itself – who interpret ‘revolution’ as societal issues, science lessons, leaving childhood, caravans and consumerism.

Some of the most interesting poems in the anthology are those that are more experimental. Iordanis Papadopaulos’s ‘watching people big view’ is constructed from lines which mimic online shopping transactions: The poem seems to be quite pessimistic, drawing on the definition of revolution as ‘a cycle of events’: people are reduced to nameless figures that are caught in a cycle of buying emotions and cultural history (‘Someone in the UK bought            a coward if you return a hero if you fall          with free delivery’). However, Papadopaulos doesn’t assume that we’ll instantly agree: the final line: ‘and this view is true and this view is not true’ allows the reader to enter into a debate about what this poem actually means.

Read it in full here…


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