I’m very pleased to announce that Liverpool based erbacce-press will be publishing a pamphlet of mine, Claremont Road in early 2014.

Who is/are erbacce-press?

erbacce-press sprang from the poetry journal erbacce (it rhymes with ‘apache’ and is of Italian derivation referring to ‘weeds’). Alan Corkish and Andrew Taylor are established and widely published writers who know from experience how difficult it can be to get work accepted by publishers when your name is unknown; the poetry journal erbacce was established to give a voice to new and radical poets; those whose work may not have been accepted elsewhere. The journal ‘features’ a poet in each edition thus the chosen poet has a full 18/20 pages to highlight their work.
We now think of erbacce as an international family fighting Vanity Publishers and paying poets for their work.

The erbacce poetry journal publishes only high-quality poets who have an original voice. erbacce-press don’t run bogus ‘competitions’, we never charge subscribers a reading fee, we never offer to sell any writer high-gloss hard-back copies of their work for a fee and every poet whose work is published in our journal is sent, post-free, a copy of the edition their work appears in by way of ‘payment’.

We began in 2004 and we had an idea that as we progressed the poets whose work was selling might make a contribution towards helping another poet to get started… Initially we simply weren’t selling enough books from the site and so Andrew and Alan chipped in £500.00 each to nurse the project through the lean-times… and it worked! About eighteen months into our project we broke even and soon after that the whole scheme became a true co-operative… now erbacce-press produces about 20 chap-books and a couple of perfect-bound books annually and we have also established the annual erbacce-prize for poetry which has a first prize offering publication of the writer’s collected works with a publishing contract paying generous royalties and ten free copies of the finished book (post-free) being sent to the author. We are now; we are proud to say; a true cooperative. Alan and Andrew still give their services for free (typesetting, editing etc); No one makes a profit; every penny goes back to producing the next book or pamphlet… we’re kind of proud of that :-)

text taken from the erbacce-press website.


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