Mark Lloyd – Impossible is Nothing


 Exorcism of Hal 9000 – Mark Lloyd

Lloyd describes Exorcism of Hal 9000 as “relating to the mirror phase of Lacan, or simply put, the problematic nature of forming ideas of self in the digital age infused/confused with a continuous stream of imagery”.

OMG It’s Full Of Stars; convergence of the three registers of human reality – Mark Lloyd

Lloyd says this  piece is  a conversation between 3 life forms, a human being, a spirit, and AI, thus an example of Lacan’s three registers of human reality”.

Mark Lloyd is a British artist who works in painting. He was recently profiled on the Saatchi Gallery website as part of the ‘New Sensations 2012’. Mark is a passionate and enthusiastic artist who believes that being an artist is a political statement and that art is a means of inspiring others to self empowerment and self betterment. In his early years he practiced in Graffiti art as a means of self expression; making art ‘in and on’ an urban street environment. He progressed into formal art education and studied at numerous art schools in the UK in a diverse range of contemporary and traditional artistic techniques; this is reflected in his work. After graduating he has continued to develop his practice and exhibits throughout the UK. Mark lecturers in art and contextual studies at University level, is a curator, and has work in many private collections. However it is the making of art that remains his primary purpose. Recently his work has received esteemed acclaim from some of the worlds most renowned artists, these include; Stuart Semple, Ricardo Paniagua and Sir Anthony Caro OM CBE who stated about his work that; “these are the best drawings I have seen for years” Caro 2011. In 2013 Mark’s work featured in a group show with Sir Anthony Caro.

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One thought on “Mark Lloyd – IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING

  1. Thank you Paul, I am grateful for your support of my work. Boscombe in recent years has been flooded with artists, writers, and creative people of many practices, how wonderful and inspiring this is but I am bemused as to why. Do you have any idea why Boscombe has attracted such a large population of creative people?

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